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My name is Jan and I’m 30. I work as an laboratory technician for surface analytics in the wonderful city of Villach/Austria. Besides my job I administrate this blog, a heavy metal band page (fjoergyn.com) and the site of the bionikum:austria association, where I am also a member. Besides that I do a bunch of other geeky things, like designing board game tables (pictures coming autumn 2017).

A few years ago (April 2015) I got my degree as a Master of Science for “Bionik/Biomimetics in Energy Systems”. This was attached to my studies of “Renewable Energy Technique”, in which I own a Bachelor of Engineering degree. Long before I started to study I did something with “IT” for a big IT-company.

My focus of research during my master studies led me to membranes in semiconductor industries. I still try to connect my knowledge of biomimetics into medicine technologies. Up today I work on a new approach for gathering and secure vital signs data.


So far, so good… So What!?

I hope you will enjoy my articles about completely (biomimetics/ biomimicry) random stuff!


Feel free to contact me via:

jan.berger@blogionik.org or my linkedin account.



All allusions to all kinds of films, books and rock music (…) are purely coincidental.



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